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Our Vehicles
Commissioned for Purpose

Safari Drive Land Cruiser driving on a dirt road in Namibia
Safari Drive Land Cruiser with roof tent and camp set up at dusk
Safari Drive Land Cruiser driving passing a dusty elephant in the background
Closeup of Safari Drive Land Cruiser on a rubble back road in Nambia
Safari Drive Land Cruiser closeup on an African plain at sunset

Prepared for Everything

Custom vehicle setups unique to Safari Drive

State-of-the-art camping equipment & roof tents.

Designed and maintained to the highest professional standards

Satellite phones included as standard with 24 hour support

All the paperwork for you to cross borders

Travel longer & safer with extended-range fuel tanks.

The best self-drive
fleet Africa has
to offer
A traveller photographing a herd elephants from a Safari Drive Land Cruiser
A front view closeup of a Safari Drive Land Cruiser on a dirt track road in Namibia
The Vehicle

Toyota Land Cruiser 79

After much rigorous trial and testing we finally decided upon the 79 series as our across the board flagship vehicle. These vehicles offer us the rugged base from which to build our bespoke style of vehicle. We are incredibly happy with how they have turned out. They offer us the space, reliability and strength that we believe is necessary for our safaris.

They make great vehicles for families of four or in extremis five (although please call us to discuss the logistics!). They easily hold 2 roof tents and if you are strict on personal luggage then we can sometimes squeeze in a ground tent too.

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1.07 | Conclusion

Preparing vehicles for
safari since 1993
Safari Drive Land Cruiser with rooft tent and campfire in Botswana after sunset
The Vehicle

All the gear. All the idea.

Over the years we have researched and refined the list of vehicle equipment that we provide. The equipment is almost identical in every vehicle and we always ensure you have the essentials for each country and its respective driving conditions.

You will have everything you need (and some nice extras) for your trip, so that camping, eating out (and enjoying a glass of wine) are a joy.

A Safari Drive Land Cruiser climbing a rocky outcrop in the Namibian desert
OUR equipment

The Roof Tent

Don't like sleeping on the ground? No problem. All our vehicles have roof tents, equipped with sheets, duvets (two singles or double available), pillows and a blanket, giving you the extra comfort and safety you desire.


Satellite Phone

Uniquely, we provide Satellite Phones with our trips. We promote 24/7 support and mean it. How can you call us if you don't signal after all. Also, your family might like a catch up (we include complimentary credit up to 15 minutes).

Vehicle Equipment

Satellite Phone
Long-Range Fuel Tanks
Wheel Brace
Garmin Satnav
Split Charge Battery System
Two batteries
Engel Fridge
Water tanks
Roller draws
Spade & Axe
Tyre Pressure Gauge
Tyre Pump
Tow rope
Warning Triangles
Bottle Jack
Vehicle Awning
Fitted Camping Light
Fire Extinguisher
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Camping Equipment

Double Roof Tent & Mattress
Sheets & Duvet covers
Ground Tent & beds
Pillows & pillow cases
Under blankets
Towels & extra Blankets
Cultery and Crockery
Soup Bowls
Dinner plates
Coffee mugs
Table knives & forks
Dessert spoons & teaspoons
Kitchen Equipment
Table cloths & Tea towels
Chopping Board
Fish Slice
Serving Spoons
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Trails lefts by a Safari Drive Land Cruiser across a South African salt plain

Confidently discovering
the road less travelled

Navigating the endless dirt tracks and washed out roads has always been one of the biggest challenges when traveling in Africa. In recent years Global Positioning Systems and Sat Nav pin point accuracy has opened up a whole new world in regards to wilderness navigation.

Something else to inspire

All our itineraries are tailor made, but here are some of our favourite routes and camp combinations.