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Why choose Safari Drive?

Why Choose Safari Drive?

There’s so much to think about when choosing a self drive holiday. In order to help you decide with whom to book we’ve put together a list of all the things which we believe makes Safari Drive the right choice. We are very proud of the holidays we offer and our aim is to always exceed your expectations. Ultimately, we want to take all the work and stress away from your holiday planning, so you’re left to enjoy the adventure.

  1. Our vehicles are all Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series which, in our opinion, are the best vehicle for a self-drive in Africa. They are double cab and you can find pictures of them here on our web page.
  1. We have a great fleet of vehicles - They are looked after by our own staff who are passionate about running the best self drive fleet in Africa.
  1. We own our vehicles. We know them inside out. We know where they’ve been, what they’ve done. We love them and we even name them! When non-specialist travel companies put together self-drive holidays, they more often than not source the vehicle from a Third Party who may not be able to confirm exactly which vehicle you will be receiving. Also the condition of the vehicle may not be 100% known.
  1. Equipment. At Safari Drive we not only believe we have the best vehicles but we have equipped them with some of the very best camping equipment available, after doing this for so long we know exactly what you need and what you don’t. All our vehicles have bespoke built in roller draws that store all your basic equipment, we also have custom made storage bags for larger items such as pots and pans. All our vehicle have built in fridges and an inverter to provide power for charging all your electrical equipment You can find a full equipment list can be found at the bottom of our vehicle page.
  1. We provide you with a satellite phone. During your holiday you will have free calls to Safari Drive. We are on call 24/7 in case you need us for any help or advice and we also include 15 mins worth of complimentary calls to family and friends. This is an essential piece of kit on the types of adventure holiday we offer. Hopefully while you are on the road you won’t need to contact us, but if you do then we swing into action as required – we’re your safety net and there to help you at all times.
  1. Navigation. We supply you with a the best navigation equipment to ensure you know where you are going. This includes a Navi Garmin with Tracks 4 Africa installed, and an on-board tablet with bespoke pin-point software (partnered with Maps.Me and unique to Safari Drive). We also provide detailed maps covering the areas you will be visiting.
  1. All our vehicles have long range fuel tanks which hold up to 215 litres of fuel. You will receive your vehicle full of fuel and you do not need to return it full.
  1. Flexible tent set up. Whether you want one or two roof tents - or a ground tent – we provide a comfortable bed for all campers. We also have a selection of clamshell and fold over roof tents.
  1. Safety & security first. Your safety is our biggest priority. This is why we take the time to give you a full briefing you at our base on the vehicle and its equipment, as well as your route. We don’t just hand you the keys to your vehicle and wave you off. We thoroughly prepare you for your adventure and are then on hand should you need help once on the road.  We also include flying doctor cover, which means we can evacuate you from wherever you are.
  1. No drop off fees. As we own our own vehicles and we have our own bases we do not charge any one way drop off fees.
  1. Fair pricing policy. We don't mark up any of the accommodation in your itinerary. Instead we take commission from the lodges. This means you pay the same as if you were to go direct to the lodge.
  1. Campsite bookings. Have you tried booking campsites in Africa before? If you have then you will know that making a reservation and wiring money to Africa can be a frustrating and an overly complicated process. We would handle all of your accommodation bookings which means you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it. Having operated for over 25 years in Africa, we have cultivated great personal relationships with the campsite booking agents, which allows us to secure sites that other companies would not.
  1. ABTOT bonded: We are a bonded UK tour company so your money is secure and protected through our ABTOT licensing.
  1. We don’t outsource any part of our service. This means you are dealing with Safari Drive throughout. From your first correspondence with one of our expert consultants in the UK to the moment you set foot in Africa you will speak to and meet with our Safari Drive employees and be presented with a vehicle owned by Safari Drive.
  1. There are lot of hidden and important extras (accommodation vouchers, vehicle paperwork & certificates, general travel advice, a Bradt Travel guide, a bottle of wine!) which we include as standard. Safari Drive has been operating in Africa since 1993; we have learnt a lot as a company over the years and hopefully it shows. From the practical design of our vehicles to the detailed maps we provide in our travel packs. We learn from our clients each time they travel with the aim of raising the bar each time a new trip is organised.
  1. Our team in the UK and Africa are the best in the business. Safari Drive employees have all travelled extensively in Africa and between us all we have first-hand knowledge of the routes you’ll be driving and campsites/lodges you’ll be staying in. You will be fully briefed on the Safari Drive vehicle and your route in detail by our in country representative . This usually last for a couple of hours depending on how many questions you have. It is your opportunity to ask us anything you want and the ultimate aim is for you to be totally happy and confident as you set off the next day on your self-drive. We also provide you with a driver familiarisation session which is a chance to refresh your basic 4 x 4 skills and get to know the vehicle a little. At the end of your trip you will be debriefed fully.
  1. More than just a driving holiday. On our self drive safaris you don't have to just drive. Africa offers a wonderful selection of experiences and activities and we encourage our clients include them in their itinerary. So if, you want to finish your safari by flying over the Okavango Delta, you can!
  1. No one  knows better than our clients; you can read their reviews here on Trust Pilot.

All we can say is that you will be driving through some quite remote country at times and having the peace of mind to know that you are driving an excellent vehicle with the best support is extremely important. At the end of the day we appreciate how important your holiday time is, and we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.