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The Original OPerator

Safari Drive is the original self-drive operator in southern Africa, supplying bespoke, high-end, self-drive adventures
to the discerning traveller. Founded in 1993, Safari Drive was instrumental in establishing luxury self-drive safaris as a new
form of travel in Africa.

Since 1993
Safari Drive Vehicle driving on African dirt road at sunset
Tailor-Made to You
Tailor-Made Safaris
Two elephants pictured from a Safari Drive vehicle

Bespoke Itineraries

All of our itineraries are tailored to you, so whether you’re looking for an adventure, a family holiday or a honeymoon, we will deliver the perfect self-drive safari for you.

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What Our Clients Say

Please click on the Trust Pilot Link below to read the latest reviews from our clients

Safari Drive

Please click on the Trust Pilot Link below to read the latest reviews from our clients

Safari Drive
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Our 4x4 Fleet

Toyota Land Cruiser 79

We own all our vehicles and are very proud to call them the best in Africa for a self-drive safari. Years of experience, expertise from professionals and feedback from our clients have gone into their set up. Our teams in Africa ensure that they are in tip-top condition.

Our Vehicles
Safari Drive vehicle driving off-road in Namibia
OUR equipment

All the gear. All the idea.

We are very proud to call our vehicles the best in Africa, for a self drive safari. Years of innovation from ourselves, professionals and our clients have gone into their set up, and our team in Africa ensure that they are in tip-top condition. We also don't let them get older than 5 years of age.

Our Vehicles

Discovering the
road less travelled

Navigating the endless dirt tracks and washed out roads has always been one of the biggest challenges when traveling in Africa's wadis. In recent years Global Positioning Systems and Sat Nav pin point accuracy has opened up a whole new world in regards to wilderness navigation.

Our Vehicles
An elephant being photographed from a Safari Drive Land Cruiser
24hr Global Support

Experts in the field

The Safari Drive team, both in the UK and Africa, are experts in the self-drive safari field, who provide the service and support you need. They are available at all times and are never out of reach; we supply you with a satellite phone to ensure this.

Our Team
Itinerary of the month

Family Namibia

Whatever your child's age, a family safari is one of the most exciting and rewarding family holidays available.

Our Itineraries

Ready made or build your own

All our itineraries are tailor made, but here are some of our favourite routes and camp combinations.

Self Drive Experiences

A self-drive safari doesn't mean you have to drive all the time; we encourage you to do much more! We can book any activity in any location, in any country. Whether you want to fly into Okavango Delta, do a walking safari in South Luangwa or fly to Mozambique, just let us know and we will include it in your itinerary.

Safari Drive's riding safari passing Wildebeast


Namibia pictured from a Safari Drive hot air balloon experience
Africa Unlocked

Travel across borders

Travel one country in depth or travel from country to country, our fully equipped 4WD vehicles can cross international borders so you can have that extra freedom to explore.

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