Northern Namibia


This itinerary is quickly becoming a Safari Drive favourite. We built it so our clients could visit the new Shipwreck Lodge and Hoanib Valley Camp, which are situated up in one of the most beautiful corners of Namibia. If you haven't been here before then, we highly recommend a visit. Balanced well with the right amount of time in Etosha, we can see this being a go-to itinerary. It's also particularly good if you're looking for desert elephant!


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Location 1

Belvedere Boutique Hotel, Windhoek

Day 1

Today you arrive in Windhoek and will be transferred to the Belvedere Boutique Hotel. You will also be introduced to your vehicle and briefed on your trip.

Location 2

Okonjima Campsite, Africat Foundation

Day 2

This morning after breakfast you will have a driver safety course. After which you will be shown where to stock up on food supplies for your camping nights before embarking on your trip. You will then set off to the Okonjima Reserve, home to the AfriCat Foundation.

Location 3

Onguma Campsite, Etosha National Park

Day 3 & 4

Today you drive north to the Onguma Reserve on the edge of Etosha National Park. You will stay in one of Onguma's campsites, either Leadwood campsite or Tamboti. Either is great and provides you with your own site with a private ablution block. As a camper you are also able to use the facilities of the lodge for meals.

Location 4

Ongava Tented Camp, Etosha National Park

Day 5

Today you will make your way across Etosha National Park to the beautiful Ongava Tented Camp.

Location 5

Olifanstrus Campsite, Etosha National Park

Day 6

Today you will drive to Olifantsrus Campsite which is located in Western Etosha. This is a part of Etosha not often seen. Only guests of Dolomite and Olifantsrus Campsite are allowed to enter this side of the park.

Location 6

Etendeka Mountain Camp, Damaraland

Day 7 & 8

This you will exit Etosha and take the scenic drive to Etendeka Mountain Camp, which is set in the north of Damaraland. Although it is a remote bush camp, here you can have sightings of giraffe, mountain zebra, oryx, springbok, and even desert elephant and black rhino can add an exciting bonus.

Location 7

Hoanib Valley Camp, Kaokaland

Day 9 & 10

Today you do the most incredible drive to the new and exciting Hoanib Valley Camp. We built this itinerary because of Hoanib Valley Camp and Shipwreck Lodge as we think they are two of Namibia's best and most exciting camps, and are located in truly spectacular regions. These areas have only recently opened to tourists, so you really are lucky to be travelling in them, let alone self driving.

Location 8

Shipwreck Lodge, Skeleton Coast

Day 11 & 12

After two wonderful nights at Hoanib Valley Camp, you will make your way to Shipwreck Lodge, located on the dunes looking over the famous Skeleton Coast. This unique lodge is quickly becoming a must if travelling to Namibia.

Location 9

Mowani Campsite, Damaraland

Day 13

Today you will start to head south into the heart of Damaraland where you will be staying at the campsite that belongs to Mowani. This is a scenic area, famous for the rock art.

Location 10

Spitzkoppe Campsite, Damaraland

Day 14

Today you will drive to Spitzkoppe, which we think is one of the most beautiful areas in Namibia, consisting of an imposing granite rock formation set in the plains. Here you can walk in the area and climb up to Bushman’s Paradise, a small basin tucked between the domes of rock, where you can view the rock paintings done by Bushman of the past and gaze at the amazing view.

Location 11

River Crossing, Windhoek

Day 15

Today you will return to Windhoek for your final night in Namibia. You will stay at the wonderful in River Crossing, which is located outside Windhoek towards the airport.

Location 12

Depart Windhoek

Day 16

Today you will be transferred back to the airport in good time for your international flight home.

Location 13

Location 14

Location 14

Location 14

Location 14

Location 14

Location 14


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Over the years we have researched and refined the list of vehicle equipment that we provide. The equipment is identical in every vehicle but we always ensure you have the essentials for each country and its respective driving conditions.

Northern Namibia

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