What is a self-drive safari?

What is a self-drive safari?

A self-drive safari is simply a safari where you have your own 4x4 and will drive yourself across Africa. It's one of the most rewarding and satisfying ways to travel Africa.

So I drive myself?

Yes, you are behind the wheel and you will drive yourself from point A to B on your pre-booked itinerary. You could be traversing across miles of open road or game driving through wildlife regions; it all depends on where you go or what you want to do.

Is it safe?

Yes. However, you are driving yourself in unfamiliar territory and in some cases, in wildlife regions. Common sense is enough, but preparation is key.

A whole spectrum of accommodation

When booking a normal safari, you are normally limited to certain camp combinations, limiting your options. When self driving, a whole spectrum opens up. You can stay in anything from exclusive campsites to 5-star lodges. We encourage you stay in both campsites and lodges. Both offer completely different experience and only by doing both are you getting the full safari experience.

Do I miss out by not having a guide?

No. When you are at the lodges you are welcome to join in on their morning and evening game drives.

What makes it special?

Being in Africa alone is a special feeling. There's nothing quite like it. But for those who know Africa well, having the freedom to explore at one's own pace sets a self-drive safari apart. Being totally free from anyone else’s agenda is bliss. You can decide whether to bed down in camp for the night early or late in the day and when to get up in the morning. If you want to get out viewing wildlife early, you can do that. Also, having the ability to camp. There is no better place to camp than in Africa. Sitting under the stars around your camp fire, having a cold drink from your fridge, is unbeatable - these are the memories you will cherish.

Having your very own 4×4

Having your own 4×4 is the key to all that freedom, and your 4x4 becomes more than a vehicle; it becomes your companion. You will find that you and it will become connected as you complete your adventure. You will hate to leave it at the end. Even more so for those who choose to camp, as it will be your home for those nights.

Is a Self-Drive Safari for You?

Why would you want to consider a self-drive safari? Well, it’s true that it isn’t the right kind of holiday for everyone, and if you don't feel comfortable being alone in Africa, a different kind of safari may work better for you. But, if you are looking for adventure, independence and freedom, this could be the perfect choice. It’s about experiencing your destination of choice in a unique and memorable way that will be different to any other holiday you have ever had.

How do I book a self drive safari?

We (Safari Drive) have specialised in putting together bespoke, supported, self drive journeys in Africa since 1993. For more information on what makes us special, simple click here.