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What does a Safari Drive holiday offer?

What sets a Safari Drive holiday apart?

An escape from a prescribed safari ritual of eat, sleep, game drive, repeat.  An escape from the crowds. A diversion from the well-trodden route.

We go on holiday to escape routine not continue the slavery to it. A Safari Drive trip tears up the rule book on boring safaris and puts you in the driving seat to explore the most exciting continent in the world. Using our first-hand expertise, we can help you plan the perfect adventure for you, in Africa.

This gives you the chance to appreciate untamed Africa without a succession of guides at different lodges cracking the same hackneyed jokes. Instead takes on the African roads and take yourself to your next location, whether it be a lodge or campsite - the joy of discovering for oneself is immeasurable to being shown.

Travelling like this is a privilege, and just one of the perks is the sense of reward. Africa is one of the last untouched wilderness ecosystems on earth, and this land of nature documentaries is yours to explore. Imagine camping under canvas under the starlit skies of the savannah, of freshly brewed coffee over the campfire each morning and nothing but yourselves to take in the moment.

Independence. Freedom. Discovery. Expedition. Adventure.

A Safari Drive trip allows you to drive a fully rigged and kitted expedition vehicle in the terrain for which it was designed. And when the track gets a bit tiring, park up in the shade of a tree and make yourself a cold G&T from the onboard fridge. Our Toyota Land Cruisers are widely regarded as some of the finest machines operating in Africa. We custom-build each one based on 25 years of experience and hundreds of thousands if not millions of miles of real-world application.

The result is a continuously evolving fleet of vehicles with each striving to improve on the last. Every single part of your kit has it’s own customised slot on board, meaning no rattles and tremendous efficiency when it comes to setting up and breaking camp.  All of our vehicles have names, and some would argue personalities too. Throughout your trip – our custom-built 4x4 vehicles become a faithful and reliable friend. It is a strange attachment you find for a truck, but when it has taken you through the best of African landscapes – the vehicle becomes a familiar and vital lifeline.

Our trips give you a chance to be as intrepid as you can imagine but with the 24-hour security blanket of our seven well-placed bases dotted throughout sub-Saharan Africa means back-up is only ever a satellite phone call away. That reassurance is worth its weight in gold and just one element of a Safari Drive trip that distinguishes us from merely hiring a vehicle and heading off into the great unknown.

The Safari Drive Experience begins at the planning stage – an initial idea turns into time spent looking at maps, plotting routes and wondering what experiences these place names can mean. We meticulously work out routes and drive times for you and then book your accommodation. This means you can enjoy the actual experience without dealing with the endless bureaucracy and paperwork needed to fulfil one of these adventures.

Safari Drive is more than a self-drive trip in Africa – it’s an empowerment to travel like a frontiersman across wild landscapes, meet diverse tribes and plot your destiny. This gives you an appreciation of how Africa works; you see it as a traveller instead of a tourist.