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When is the best time to self-drive Botswana?

When is the best time to self-drive Botswana?

As you can imagine, there's no simple answer to this. There are many good times to visit Botswana, and various routes are better at different times of the year. It's best to call us to discuss the various options available. However, there are seasons, so let's run through them.

Wet Season: January to March

Also known as the low season. The rains come and we generally advise against self-driving Botswana. That said, there are a few safari secrets at this time of year. The zebra migration in the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan area is in full flow, and the game viewing in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is excellent. Our Kalahari Circuit itinerary includes both.

Green Season: April to June

Also known as the shoulder season, the green season comes after the rains (December-March). It is when the country becomes luscious, green and generally full of life. It's a wonderful time to travel as it's quieter and more peaceful. There's also good saving to be had at this time of year as the lodges charge a lot less. The only snag is that the thicker green bush does make it a little harder to see the wildlife, but this is only in comparison to the dry season.

Dry Season: July to October

The dry season is also known as the peak season - it's known to be the best time to be on safari. It's when you get what you want from a safari, lovely weather and excellent game viewing conditions. It is also Botswana's winter, though it's not the winter the northern hemisphere knows; you can expect day time temperatures of 23 degrees. Evening temperatures are low, so don't forget warm clothes. View our Classic Botswana itinerary for inspiration.

Please Note: If you would like to book a Botswana trip at this time of year, we suggest you book 12 months in advance.

Shoulder Season: November & December

The other shoulder to the peak season, this time at the end of the dry season. Conditions vary depending on when the rains come. They could arrive in November or not until January. Generally speaking, you can expect dramatic skies (great photography!), some showers, a parched landscape and good game viewing.

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