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The New Safari Drive Travel Companion & Travel Pack

Here at Safari Drive, we are continuously striving to improve our service and offering. We listen intently to our clients' feedback for ideas and are always on the lookout for new technology, equipment and materials to enhance our self-drive holidays. Recently, we have just finished building our new Travel Companion (partnered with Maps.Me & What3Words) & Travel Pack.

The Safari Drive Travel Companion

The Safari Drive Travel Companion is an on-board tablet that we supply you with when you receive your vehicle. It is not attached to the vehicle so you can have it with you at all times on your safari should you wish.

On the tablet you will find:

1) A Mapping System (partnered with Maps.Me)

We have custom built a unique mapping system (partnered with Maps.Me), which shows your pre-loaded destination on a map as well as your location. Sat Nav's and even maps can often only get you 95% of the way, and we want to make the last 5% easy so you don't waste valuable time. This system works offline too, so no active internet connection is required.

2) Geo-locator (partnered with What3Words)

Our tablets now use a custom built app with What3Words integrated, so should you ever call us with a location based question, you can simply ready out the three words on your screen and we will know exactly where you are to the nearest square meter.

3) Safari Drive Training Videos

We have a series of training videos to help you familiarise with the vehicle and its equipment. These are made available to you prior to your departure, but are also on the tablet for your convenience.

4) Your Digital Itinerary

A PDF version of your itinerary.

5) The Safari Drive Handbook

A PDF version of our handbook.

The Safari Drive Travel Pack

As we have a rebranded, we thought it was a good excuse to redevelop the travel packs we send out to our clients. For this, pictures speak louder than words, so we hope you enjoy.