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Safari Drive in Tanzania

Safari Drive in Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania is hard to beat. The country is a wildlife haven and home to some of Africa's best and largest National Parks. Here you can find The Great Migration; the annual movement of thousands of wildebeest and zebra through the Serengeti and Masai Mara. You can also fly to Zanzibar or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. There is plenty to do.

Why is self-driving in Tanzania so good?

One problem Tanzania's famous parks have is that they do get busy. Like Kenya's Masai Mara, they fill up with with game viewing vehicles which move around in convoy from game sighting to sighting. It can all be a bit hectic. We - and many of our clients - don't enjoy this, and know that having your own vehicle and ability to drive in a different direction is blissful, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of these parks in relative privacy. You also have the luxury of experiencing more camps and locations, rather than being tied to two or three.

game viewing in privacy

Camping in Tanzania

For many years we used the Special Campsites in Tanzania, which were exclusive use of patches of land within the National Parks for camping; with no facilities. It was a unique offering and one of the most authentic and exciting ways to spend a night in Africa.

Unfortunately, in recent years, booking these campsites has become problematic. The booking system which surrounds them is a minefield, and to put it simply, you book one thing and are delivered another. We are not prepared to jeopardise our client's itineraries, so we are consequently not currently using them at this moment in time.

We will find a camping solution

Hand picked Tented Camps

Though camping is off the cards (for now) that does not mean you can't have an authentic experience. We have been carefully selecting tented camps across Tanzania that offer value and an 'in the wild' experience similar to camping. The only snag is that you get a bed and a good dinner!

Authentic tented camps

January and February only

We have decided to operate our trips when The Great Migration is in Southern Tanzania, in January and February. The Great Migration being located here gives you quick access to it and makes the distances involved more manageable in a two-week itinerary. It is also the short dry season and calving season, so both the weather and game conditions are ideal.

Photo taken in February by Jonathan Stokes

Foreign registered vehicle fees

Our vehicles are foreign-registered, and this means you have to pay £115 per day to be in the parks Vs £16 per day in a locally registered vehicle. It's not ideal, but it's worth it for a quality vehicle.

Vehicle hire in Tanzania

We don't like to talk down other operators but do feel we should warn you if you are considering renting a vehicle from another operator in Tanzania. Tread carefully; the vehicles available are old, unreliable and equipped appallingly. They can also be expensive.

Should I book a Tanzania trip?

Yes! 100%. Self-driving through the Great Migration in the beautiful Serengeti is unbeatable!

For inspiration, have a look at our Classic Tanzania itinerary or speak to one of our experts today.