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Lodge Review: Etendeka Mountain Camp

Etendeka Mountain Camp; the perfect eco-camp

Etendeka Mountain Camp (affectionately shortened to just Etendeka) is a small, rustic eco-camp opened in 1991 by Dennis Liebenberg who still runs the camp to this day, ably assisted by head guide, Bonny, and General Manager, Doh.

The word 'unique' is often overused, but Etendeka is precisely that. We believe it is one of the most interesting, authentic and well-run camps in Namibia, and the perfect fit for Safari Drive clients.

Your eco-tent with bucket shower

Where is it?

The camp is located in a private 500km2 concession area in northern Damaraland, in the hills of the Grootberg massif. It is set amidst ancient lava flows where basalt rock has been eroded over millions of years, leaving scattered boulders of all sizes lying upon the flat-topped mountains.

What's on offer?

Expert Guiding: The guiding at Etendeka is excellent, led by Dennis and Bonny, and now Boas. They know this part of Damaraland like no other and have a genuine passion for the area and its future. They study the geology and the wildlife that inhabits the area carefully. They will share all sorts of facts about the local environment, as well as about Namibian history and sociology.

Expert guide - Boas

Star-gazing: The night skies here are wonderful. Dennis and his team are extremely knowledgeable astronomers - they will take great pleasure in pointing out particular stars and constellations to you with the aid of the camp's rather Star Wars-esque laser pointer. There is also a powerful telescope which you are welcome to use.

Wildlife: Although you wouldn't necessarily visit Etendeka specifically for game viewing, the remote location allows for sightings of steenbok, zebra and oryx, and if you are fortunate, lion, leopard and the rare desert-adapted elephant and black rhino.

A rare but magical sighting!

What our clients say?

"Could easily have done three nights here. It was a highlight and would love to come back."

"All the camps that you recommended were wonderful—all unique and very special in their way. Etendeka was a highlight, and I will not forget the total peace and tranquillity there. Hard to find in this crazy world."

Did you know?

Safari Drive Privilege: Safari Drive vehicles are the only vehicles permitted to drive into camp. All other guests are transferred from the main road.

New walking trails camp! In 2019, Etendeka built two remote walking camps to create a two or three-night walking safari through the Grootberg massif.

Sunset at Trails Camp 1

Each camp has five sleeping platforms, raised off the ground to ensure that guests are safe and comfortable. Each tent can have the roof opened so you can sleep with nothing above you but the stars. Each unit has comfortable beds and 'bed-rolls', lined with cotton linen, duvets and pillow—also equipped with a toilet and basin.

Sleep under the stars!