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Introducing Latin Drive

Latin Drive – coming soon!

Three years ago we launched our self drive programme in Argentina and we’ve been delighted by the response from our clients who have ventured out, to amongst other areas, the wilds of Patagonia, the stunning Lake District, the jaw-dropping landscape of the Puna and the North West. They’ve tasted some of the best Malbecs in Mendoza, ridden with gauchos and stayed in truly authentic estancias.

Where did this idea stem from?

We have always been keen on the idea of expanding the Safari Drive concept into new parts of the world, maintaining our core principles of bespoke, fully supported, quality self drive experiences; allowing you to have a unique and adventurous holiday whilst travelling independently. We’ve really been buoyed and encouraged by the positive feedback from many successful trips in Argentina, but we don’t want to stop there…

Opening up Latin America

With this in mind we proudly announce our expansion into Latin America, including exciting self drive routes in Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil.

Introducing Latin Drive!

A dilemma we encountered with the introduction of Argentina to our portfolio, was that it was out of place amongst the other Safari Drive destinations. Our Safari Drive website has naturally been Africa centric since 1993 and we felt new visitors to our website might either miss Argentina or indeed query our geographical knowledge! Knowing how many great driving routes there are in Latin America we having been dreaming for a while about the possibility of a distinct programme and soon we will be introducing you to Safari Drive’s flamboyant little sister, Latin Drive.

Same UK Team, New Destinations

Exciting new itineraries will be available to book through our UK team of experts. Please email or call us to discuss our new trips. Even though our Latin Drive website is not quite ready yet, we are!

What our clients say

“Fantastic, personal attention for an amazing holiday off the beaten track in Argentina. Safari Drive's staff have personal experience of the routes they suggest and their attention to detail makes it a fabulous experience. We have travelled in Africa with them twice before, and after an incredible holiday in Argentina we will certainly be coming back for more. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

Nicola & Sam, Oct 2019

"Our visit to the Puna was one of the most extraordinary trips I have ever done. Sometimes it felt like we were exploring the surface of another planet. Our guide was a font of knowledge and all the logistics worked seamlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Safari Drive for a trip in South America."

Howard, May 2017

Watch this space!