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Distance yourself in Namibia

Distance yourself in Namibia

With a population of circa 2.5 million people, which is the equivalent of 0.03% of the total world population, Namibia is known for having one of the smallest population densities in the world with just under 3 people per square kilometre. To put that in perspective, the UK has 430 people per km2 with London having 1,510 people per km2. Hong Kong leads the world rankings with 7,140 people per km2.


Furthermore, the population is not spread equally across the country. Near to 40% of the inhabitants are situated on the Angola border and near 50% of the country's total population lives in urban areas. So out of a total area of 824,292km2, it should be exceptionally easy to stay 2 metres apart from people, especially as you will be driving in the open country.


Empty spaces are by no means the only reason to travel to Namibia. The impressive wildlife, the jaw-dropping scenery and excellent road network are all a major draw. Namibia was the first country in which Safari Drive operated back in 1993. We have always loved it, but especially at this time we are appreciating all the more what Namibia can offer the independent traveller.


So, we encourage you to embrace space, venture deep into the famous Namib - the oldest desert in the world - and enjoy unfettered 360 degree views of some of the most picturesque landscapes on our planet. Travel with Safari Drive to Namibia.