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When is the best time to self-drive Namibia?

When is the best time to self-drive Namibia?

The beautiful thing about Namibia is that it's a year round destination; there is no wrong time to be self-driving here. It doesn't have dramatic high and low seasons like other destinations, such as Botswana for example. It rains less here and you come to see the desert landscape, amongst other attractions, not luscious water systems

However, the conditions do vary throughout the year, so there are a few things to know; let us guide you through...

January & February

Daytime temperatures: Approx 33 degrees
Rain: Average 85mm per month

January and February sit in Namibia's so-called "wet" season. If you are travelling at this time of year, you can typically expect bright mornings, short thunderstorms some afternoons and clear evenings.

A quick note about thunderstorms, do bear in mind that they are often localised, so you may not see any rain. They also set the sky up for spectacular photos - quite often photographers choose to travel then. They also tend to only last for an hour or two; usually less.

With regards to wildlife, the animals will be looking for shade and will disperse due to the amount of surface water, making them a little more challenging to spot. However, you will still see plenty, especially in a nice green Etosha National Park. The "wet"season is considered the best time for bird watchers.

It's much cheaper to travel at this time of year, and a great time to do our Windhoek-Cape Town routes as Cape Town is in season. More importantly, it's the perfect time to escape the Northern Hemisphere's winter.

March & April

Daytime temperatures: Approx 27 degrees
Rain: Average 50mm per month

The end of the "wet" season" is in sight, and temperatures begin to become more pleasant. The landscape is considered by some to be when Namibia is at its most beautiful. There are green patches in the ordinarily orange and arid desert, and bright flowers can pierce through. It's a beautiful sight. The mix of wildlife, birds and stunning landscapes makes it a great time to travel.

Great value and the greener landscape is a real plus.

May & June

Daytime temperatures: Approx 25 degrees
Rain: Average 4mm per month

A favourite time of year amongst the Safari Drive experts! By May and June, the rain has stopped and the dry season is in flow, yet the landscape and wildlife still look fresh and nourished. Water holes are now scarcer too, so you'll see wildlife gathering together with the common goal; to hydrate.

Great conditions, warm day and night time temperatures, low tourism numbers and reasonably priced flights. It's a win on all fronts.

July, August & September

Daytime temperatures: Approx 23 degrees
Rain: Average 0-2mm per month

Namibia is famous for so many things, but if you're after game viewing in Etosha National Park, then these months are the time to go.

The weather and conditions are generally perfect for a safari at this time of year, though evenings are cooler.

Beware, accommodation gets booked up early.


Daytime temperatures: Approx 29 degrees
Rain: Average 15mm per month

October is the height of the dry season and one of the hotter months of the year. It is also a very good time for game viewing, as water is particularly scarce and thus the wildlife is forced to congregate around the few remaining permanent waterholes. The landscape is looking dry by this time of year.

Less busy but with all the high season perks.

November & December

Daytime temperatures: Approx 30-35 degrees
Rain: Average 30-35mm per month

As the end of the dry winter is reached, hot and dry days can prevail. However, rain may make its way in, often in the form of localised (and sometimes rather impressive) thunderstorms. You may even be lucky enough to witness the first rain of the season, which is always a unique and dramatic event. It can be an excellent time for seeing wildlife in Etosha National Park with magnificent bird watching throughout the parks.

A great place to get away for Christmas and New Year! There will be some weather variation but it will be mostly hot and sunny.