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Weather conditions

When is a good time to go to Oman?

Oman is best avoided during the summer months (May to September) because it is exceedingly hot and can be exceptionally uncomfortable. Apart from some cloudiness and rainfall in the south (where Oman borders the Arabian Sea) sunshine levels are very high throughout the year.

As you would expect, Oman has extremely low rainfall except for the area around the Al Hajar mountains in the north and the Dhofar hills in the south. The coast is very hot and muggy all year round. Further inland, temperatures are actually higher but humidity is lower, which means that the heat is less oppressive.

The following ratings are a general indication of conditions in Oman. They could differ depending on whereabouts you are. For example, the desert can get quite chilly at night and the south coast can sometimes be cloudy and rainy.

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Safety on Safari

New Safari Drive Land Rovers Arrive

Africa is a truly wild continent and the potential pitfalls for the inexperienced and unsuspecting traveller can be vast.

Independence and freedom to explore are vital ingredients of your safari but so is your safety.

Self driving means you will be taking responsibility for certain aspects of your own safety and you must, therefore, be prepared in advance.

Your preparation will include such things as: full briefings, training, safetly equipment and emergency satelite phones.